Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning

There comes a time every person needs to think about providing for their children or relatives. Whether you have recently separated or divorced, want to leave your business or farm, selling up, retiring or relocating for health reasons, it is very important to have a succession plan in place.

For the most important decisions of your life, assistance from a lawyer who can guide and advise you is crucial. Adami Duque Lawyers are able to assist you with your Wills and Estate Planning matters, including:

  • Preparation of your Will, including testamentary and disability trusts
  • An assessment of your assets, both personal and business
  • Assessment of likely taxation issues
  • Advice regarding the possibility of claims against the estate by relatives or third parties
  • Asset and wealth protection
  • Granny Flat agreements
  • Advice on applying or retaining Australian aged care pensions and disability pensions

If you are concerned as to who may make decisions for you in circumstances where you are mentally or physically unable to do so, we regularly prepare Powers of Attorney for Financial and/or Health matters. We can further assist you with:

  • VCAT guardianship hearings
  • VCAT administration hearings
  • Capacity disputes
  • Elder law advice

When divorcing the following factors may take part in your estate planning affairs and careful consideration should be given depending upon your specific circumstances:

  • A change to the family’s asset pool
  • A change in working conditions such as the buying or selling of a business
  • Changes to superannuation, insurance policies or taxation levels
  • The establishment or dissolution of discretionary trusts

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